Portfolio of Graphic Design

Covering 25+ years: our portfolio covers a broad range which is separated into early years: working for theatre, cultural and arts events.

We spent a decade developing campaigns for Edinburgh International Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Many of the shows transferred to the West End. And many continued to travelled around Europe.

Working with Vivienne Westwood and high-end fashion: developing branding and campaigns for Haute Couture.

We’ve designed for invites for Her Majesty the Queen, to the Queens of Fashion; each one looking for something that sets them apart.

DeVere Society website

1.002 Karmadonna Film Poster

COP26 – Visualising Climate Presentation

Refugees ‘Mapping Memories’ A Story of Displacement

Soil Security Programme Study Campaign

Science infographic communication tools

Science infographic communication tools

Channel 4 Sitcom Comedy Festival

National Portrait Gallery – ICONS of POP Exhibition

Universal Production Music – ENERGY

Private Peaceful theatre publicity

Encounters Exhibition at The National Gallery

‘Encounters’ – Exhibition at The National Gallery, London

Shakespeare’s Globe

Vivienne Westwood Haute Couture invites

‘End the Silence’ – theatre poster

The FACE of the FUTURE

‘The Missionary’s Position’ tour Publicity

Soil Security Programme 2

Global Cities Business Alliance Report ‘Living in International Cities’