Logos & Branding – Scarlet Design

We specialise in creating bespoke branding solutions for our clients.

Often inspired by our expertise in hand-drawn calligraphy. Reminiscent of a bygone era – when attention to detail and style was a celebrated aesthetic. We strive to create unique branding which does not follow contemporary digital trends that often tends to culminate in ‘generic graphics’.

We strongly believe that a motif or a logo which is incorporated into a branding exercise should be directly applicable to the service product to which it speaks.

We take great pleasure in designing these logos and relish even the smallest projects, particularly when we know that we can have a close connection with clients, and help to formulate the right logo for them, which will bring their brands to the market with panache.




‘MAN’ Vivienne Westwood brand for menswear range

Breathe London network logo

African Studies Association UK logo

E3 – Branding & Campaign

Fincore Branding

CORIF – Consolidated Radio-isotope facility

The Magic Circle Marketing & Branding

MOX DEBRIS woodblock logo

Argand Solutions

Steiner School logo

Institute Danish Directors


Flexiguide Logo

G-Legends Branding

Grant Irvine web developer

Artistic Calligraphy with Silver Foiling

Exeter Northcott Theatre rebranding

Cherish Studios